Preparing For Your Appointment

At Sto-Rox Health Center, we believe that good health and peace of mind begins with a quality relationship between our medical professionals and you, the patient. We want your experience at our facility to be as pleasant and as easy as possible, whether you are a new or an existing patient. We have prepared a checklist of some Frequently Asked Questions as well as what you will need for your appointment. If you have any additional questions, please contact us, where our staff will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

To make an appointment, simply contact our center. When making an appointment, be sure to have the following information available.

  • Health Insurance Information – if you don’t have health insurance, please be sure to inform our staff. (Please see “What If I Don’t Have Insurance?” below.)
  • Reason for the visit
  • Whether you are a new or existing patient

COVID-19 Health Crisis

In the interests of patient and staff safety during the national COVID-19 infection crisis, Sto-Rox Neighborhood Health Council encourages patients who are able, to schedule telemedicine appointments utilizing audio/ visual methods – a smart phone or computer are needed. Some appointment types cannot be conducted this way. We understand that some patients may not be able or comfortable with telemedicine appointments – we continue to make in-patient appointments.

If your appointment will be conducted by telemedicine and you would like to test the system to make sure that it works for you, you can go to

This will walk you through the set-up and help you troubleshoot any issues you may have, prior to your appointment time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 412.771.6462

What Do I Need To Bring To My Appointment?

On the day of your appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early, especially if this is your first appointment, since you will need to register. The following information will be required to complete your patient registration:

  • A Valid ID, such as a Driver’s License, State Identification Card, Social Security Card, Valid Passport, or Veteran’s ID
  • Your current contact information, which includes your address and phone number
  • Any Medical Card or Insurance Card
  • Any prior medical records that you have
  • A list of any medications that you are currently taking
  • A list of any concerns that you have that you wish to discuss during your appointment

If you do not have a medical card or insurance, the following information is needed to determine your eligibility for support programs and/or sliding fee scales:

  • Birth certificate or passport
  • Photo identification (driver’s license, state ID, school ID)
  • Medicaid, Medicare or commercial insurance card (if applicable.) If a child has been denied Medicaid, bring the denial letter
  • Proof of current residence (e.g. utility bill, bank statement, phone bill)
  • Last year’s federal tax return (1040 form) or waiver of filing (From 4508-T)
  • Paycheck stubs for most recent 30 days (if employed.) If you (or someone in your household) works but do not have pay stubs, provide a signed letter from your employer on the employer’s letterhead (with contact name and phone number) and the amount you are paid.
  • Proof of any other sources of income, unemployment, Social Security

What if I need to speak to a provider after regular clinic hours?

Simply call the regular phone numbers for the clinic and your call will be routed to our answering service. Calls will be sent to the on-call provider. Coverage is provided 24/7.